IRBS: Above all expectations

About Us

IRB Solutions is aimed to Engineering and Solution Development on Process Optimization.
We design and integrate robotized systems. Furthermore we offer predictive and corrective maintenance programs according to the most demanding quality standards. We have a creative and innovative style.
IRB Solutions shows a high commitment to quality. Our main goal is client satisfaction. Research and development are of great importance in our business. Regarding our personnel, we value active people with capacity for team-working, excellent technical background and a high commitment to the client and the company.


We Aim to be recognized as an innovative and flexible company in the area of Industrial Robotics, quickly adapting to the fast changing international market. We aim to be highly competitive and ethical.

Our Goal is finding the best available solution to our client needs in the area of Automation and Industrial Robotics. We want to exceed our client demands, even predicting their future needs.

  • Flexibility to quickly switch between different approaches responding to changing demands and market fluctuations.
  • Efficiency, to reach the desired solution, optimizing the available resources.
  • Innovation, to always challenge the state of the art, aiming to continuous development and mainly creating a new capacity wherever it is required.
  • Proactivity to study and create plans for future needs.